Mod Podged Light Switch Plate

I saw some coloured light switch plates in our local hardware store the other day and couldn’t believe the price of them! And that was just for plain covers – not even patterned! However not too long ago this tutorial fell into my inbox, and I knew that it would be so cool to have a go at these. 

So next time I was in the hardware store I grabbed a couple of plastic light switch plates with the intention of Mod Podging up a storm when I got home, only to discover that the light switch plates I had bought were slightly smaller than the ones I intended to replace. So next time at the hardware store I bought a couple more, making sure that I got the same brand as our light switches – you guessed it – too small again. It seems as though we have a slightly odd switch plate size and I’m going to have to pull the existing switch plates off and Mod Podge them which I had hoped to avoid – because I wanted to keep our original plates to put them back on should we decide to sell the house . . .

I did have a bit of a go at it though as you’ll see in the below photos. I used fabric instead of scrapbook paper and it seemed to work quite well, especially as the fabric almost had a little gold “frame” that the switched fitted in nicely . . .



I originally bought this fabric with the intention of maybe making an iPad cover out of it. Oh and also just because I really like the fabric. There’s still plenty of fabric left for the intended iPad cover . . .


I Mod Podged the light switch cover and dropped it face down on the fabric, clipping the fabric at the corners and in the centre so I could fold the fabric over the edges of the plate.


As you can see – I got the switch hole almost in the exact centre of the gold “frame” part of the fabric pattern. I plan on trimming the fabric up a bit & using Mod Podge to stick the rest of the edges down, and then to put a coat or two on top of the fabric to protect it from grubby fingers . . .

That’s where I’m up to so far – I will update as I go.

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