Internet starvation does not a happy blogger make!

Our internet where I work is so slow – that I couldn’t even sit around long enough for my emails to download without losing patience, giving up & going to bed! Consequently my weeks home have been spent simply catching up on emails, chores, and other such mundane fare. Fortunately on our last day of our last swing, a nice shiny new ethernet cable was attached to the outlet on the wall of my room – and apparently dazzlingly fast service is to follow. So updating from work is now a distinct possibility. So while home this break – I am spending some quality “me time”. Upgrading software on all the various phones, tablets and computers around the place, playing with paint & glue, and generally pandering to the geeky & creative cravings that have gone ignored for so long. I thought while I wait for my iPhoto update to download, and my photos of my latest project to hit my photo stream, I’d better at least explain my rather lengthy absence and lack of posts. Then I will endeavour to tell you about my latest creation that is half finished because it could go in several different directions and I just can’t decide which to take 😉

Hang in there – I’ll be back real soon.

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