I bought some masking tape last time I was home because I’d seen some pretty cool effects created using it. So I thought I’ve have a play with it today . . .

I started out with a rectangular canvas “tile” (for want of a better description) and masked it off roughly halfway across.

Then I painted one half black. When dry – I re-masked and painted the other side white.

I had a couple of other canvases the same size, so I painted one  completely black

And the other completely white

I also had these really cool fabrics, one white on black and the other black on white. However I discovered that though they were completely different patterns, there was a part of the text in each that was the same – so I chopped out those bits

With the intention of using them in some way with the canvases.


Then I stacked everything up to move it from one place to another


And that’s kinda where I got stuck – I didn’t really like the fabric idea anymore

So I had a bit of a play around with some stamps and I think I’ll sleep on it and look at it again in the morning.


**UPDATE: 3 January 2013**

My recent discovery of needle felting has led to near completion of this little project (FINALLY!!)

While playing around with different textures I felted the little panel you now see pictured below – I think I’m going to add some grey organza around the edges and it will be finis!



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