While waiting for my software update to finish and for inspiration to hit on my Opposites project, I had a wee play with a smaller canvas tile. I’ve been really wanting to take some more baby steps into mixed media and I have bundles of scrapbook paper that I haven’t touched, so without further ado (or planning) away I went.

I have these great little square canvas panels that I though would be perfectly sized for coasters, or maybe even make a bunch of different tiles and attach them all together in a larger square . . .

I started by cutting the scrapbook paper to size

I then mixed a little of the plum into the opal to match the paper, and gradually added more of the plum

to graduate to a deeper rose pink at the corner

I thought I’d also add the Joie De Vive rub-on (top row in the centre)

Mod Podge time, under the paper, over the paper and over the rub-on as well (Note the hard coat Mod Podge – just in case this really does end up as a coaster)

Once the Mod Podge was dry – I touched up around the rub-on where the rubbing had lifted the paint a little, and added a bit of definition to the “de”

I love the way the butterfly on the left came out last time I used this stencil

A bit more Mod Podge and we’re done.

If I did it again – I think I’d angle the butterfly stencil a bit more but otherwise I’m pretty happy with it. I’m going to add a couple more layers of the Mod Podge then leave it to cure for the suggested 4 weeks, to really give it a hard shell. Some felt dots on the corners underneath should complete the coaster functionality.

I'd love to hear from you . . .

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