Too cute for words!

I subscribe to Martha Stewart’s Craft of the Day email which survived my recent brutal “unsubscribe frenzy” purely by putting something as cute as this in my inbox.

When I first heard about felting I kind of dismissed it as making little stuffed toys out of bog-standard felt fabric, but it has been gaining increasing space on my crafting horizon, cropping up in my multi-media consciousness as well as various other areas of my craft-o-sphere. But these revoltingly cute little guys above have tipped the scales from something on the periphery to a target I have now set in my sights! I’m off to my local Spotlight store TODAY to gather the supplies to have a crack at these little guys & maybe even a whole zoo of their mates!

Only problem is my hubby wants to go shopping too – at the music shop which is many miles away from my favourite craft supplies haunts. I’m thinking it may be a day to divide & conquer.

The Polar Bear is in a separate tutorial here, the Penguin lives here

One thought on “Too cute for words!

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