Knit a bag???


I have been feeling so guilty about ignoring my blog – but hey, it’s a “round tuit” for a reason – I’ll add something when I get around to it . . . Bad pun, sorry about that.

Anyway, the inspiration for this particular blog entry? This fabulous knitted bag tutorial over on  As soon as I saw it I knew I wanted to knit it (unusual for me, I am not really a big knitter).  But I don’t have any t-shirt type yarn, so what to use? I have about four medium sized storage bins full of wool and yarns but, to my surprise, nothing that really resembled Zpagetti Yarn. Then I remembered my stash of sari silk . . .

Sari silk

I have three of these skeins from the latest craft show that passed this way a few months ago – and you know how these things are when they’re just so beautiful, you almost keep them around just to look at! I also didn’t have the 12mm needles in my toolkit that was recommended in the tutorial, so I just went with the 10mm ones I did have. I googled garter stitch (did I mention I’m not really a knitter?), cast on 40 stitches and away I went – all enthusiasm – slightly lacking in the know-how department!

A couple of handy hints for anyone who may also be inclined to embark on any similar endeavours on the spur of the moment:

  • Sari silk is exactly what it says on the label! It is those amazingly beautiful saris that you see fantastic looking Indian ladies getting around in – but its been well-used, well-worn & then shredded into strips and attached end to end to create a yarn. IT DOES NOT STRETCH!!!! So if your knitting style is anything like mine (a little on the high tension side), ease up, knit lose, otherwise you’ll never get the needle through the stitches on the next row . . .
  • 40 stitches in sari silk means you need to dig out your longer needles . . . Don’t try and use your short ones (that are so convenient for those of us with short-arm disease) because – again – sari silk DOES NOT STRETCH and is has no give in it to bunch up on the needles like your typical yarn would do!

Knit a bag WIP

As you can see – I started off on short needles then discovered the local Spotlight had an “Opening Sale” (read – “we closed for renovations & we’re now open again) and I managed to pick up 3 & 1/2 pairs of bamboo knitting needles that are quite a bit longer – so my hands are getting a bit of a rest now! The sari silk is frayed and irregular and in so many bright, beautiful jewel colours and I think it’s going to make a great bag, although due to the shedding factor – I think it may need a lining.


I bought some handles at the aformentioned Spotlight sale – not sure if I’ll use them yet or butcher them & somehow plait the sari silk into handles if I have enough left over.

I’ll post updates as I progress . . .




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