Another new hobby??

Oh dear, I do seem to be ripping through the hobbies at a great rate of knots (No that’s not a pun, I haven’t tried macrame yet!). Although I’m pretty sure I can claim this one as a resurgence of a childhood hobby?!

I’m talking about beading – and I’m not entirely sure that I can even compare the two dimensional cute animal shapes that I used to make with seed beads and very fine copper wire with the gorgeous and glamorous jewellery that it’s possible to create with a wide range of tools, beads & a huge variety of stringing materials.

I am loving the wrap bracelets that I’ve seen at craft markets and all over Etsy – so when I came across this tutorial about exactly the kind of bracelets I was admiring, I had to have a go!

I didn’t have (and couldn’t find) the right type of beading thread – so I just used tiger tail, and instead of a button & loop, I used a toggle clasp.

Of course it didn’t occur to me to take photos as I went along, so all I have for you is the finished product:

image      image

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