Jewellery Junkie

In my progression of crafts that I am seemingly steam rolling through at the moment, I have moved on to jewellery making. Now you might think that jewellery making is a sideways step from my mixed media adventures, but not so much as you may imagine.

My grand plan is to amalgamate mixed media and jewellery. By embedding things in resin. But I haven’t got that far yet, for the moment I’m playing around with making jewellery, and as much as I’d like to give you a nice step by step tutorial on creating something beautiful, as usual I haven’t taken step by step photos because I never expect anything new to turn out how I’d like. So instead, I’ve put together a little bit of a gallery of my new baubles.



This is the first bracelet I made, a simple elastic band with beads & dangly bits. This one was inspired by Multiple Sclerosis awareness.


My next bracelet – and possibly my favourite, the earrings came along a little bit later. The awareness ribbon on this one is for mental health awareness.


I made this necklace from a kit, it was really my first attempt at wire work.

Bracelet & earrings from a kit Yet another kit bracelet

Another couple of kit creations.


I found this little watch pendant in my local craft shop a while ago, then I found some Pinspiration and the necklace was born.

Bead crochet heart

Not exactly jewellery, I was experimenting with bead crochet, with the intention of making a pendant – it turned out to be a bit too big to wear but it makes a great decoration!

Earrings from a kitBag charm from a kit

I’ve been having a ball with all sorts of things.

Tree of Life pendant

This tree of life pendant would have to be my favourite necklace. It was a real test of my fledgeling wire work skills(?)

Glass bead earrings

And these earrings are my most recent creation. I might have to rethink the glass beads on this one – they’re a little heavy!

Hope you’ve enjoyed my little stroll through memory lane, naturally I’ve discovered yet another craft that has taken my focus – still in the jewellery field. However there may just be a bit of my learning experience that I can share . . .

Until next time

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