Bead Cloud Necklace (I’m back)

So – for ages I’ve been wanting to create one of those gorgeous “bead cloud” type of necklaces and despite many google searches I just couldn’t find any instructions – just different ones for sale like this one …


Well – I figured I’d just wing it and see if I could work it out for myself …



So I finally found some really fine fishing line and started threading beads.

For. Days.

Lucky for you guys I didn’t document this step – because it really did take DAYS!!



Then I started to crochet – I tried one bead every loop, then multiples. In the end I decided on three beads every three loops (basic chain only).



I just kept going until I ran out of beads – I’d decided when threading to surround each larger bead with two seed beads so when I decided on three beads per loop – it made for quite a nice pattern (IMHO).



So then – how to finish it?? I folded it into about 20cm lengths and bunched them up into a jump ring at each end, then I added a clasp and a piece of chain to go around the back of the neck.



I placed the clasp on one of the jump rings at the end of the “bead cloud” so that I can alter the part of the chain I hook the clasp into – varying the length.




I wasn’t entirely sure I liked the chain around the back of the neck, and I had this bit of beading left over from an earlier attempt with much thicker fishing line …



Which I then wrapped around the back of the neck in place of the chain.

I can’t decide which way I prefer it …



That’s really not the best photo – but you can get the gist.

So what do you reckon – did I get it right?



I'd love to hear from you . . .

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