Change Up Your Phone Cover (Part 1)


I have to confess – this is a post I’ve been sitting on for a while! And it’s going to be lengthy – I may yet break it up into two posts . . .

Are you tired of your plain old phone cover but those cheap printed ones just don’t do it for you? Do you want one with a bit of texture and character? Have you a minor hoard of basic art/scrapbooking supplies? Why not decorate your own?

Supplies Needed:

  • An ordinary folio or clip-on type of phone cover.
  • Tissue Paper
  • Gesso (kind of a primer paint)
  • Gel Medium
  • Stamps/Cut-outs from paper punches.
  • Mod-Podge or any type of “final coat” medium
  • Colours! Paints, sprays, markers – let your imagination run wild!

IMG_0991To start off with, I scuffed up the surface of the phone cover with a scuffing tool (any old bit of sandpaper, nail file or emery board will do just fine).


Then draw the shape of your phone cover out on a piece of tissue paper. Allow a bit of extra room – as you want to wrap the tissue paper around the edges a bit.


As you can see – I masked up the phone cover as a bit of an after-thought, but I’d recommend doing it first! This particular cover had an internal casing of plastic that I didn’t want to get anything on so it would still fit the phone inside it when I was finished! I also masked around the inside of the camera hole – so that the camera lens won’t be obstructed by anything that gunks up the space.


Then it’s time to hit it with the gesso. This “primer” kind of paint dries matt and rough – it gives you a surface that the rest of your layers will stick to much better than just plonking the layers down directly on the phone cover (scuffed or not).


I ended up doing two or three coats – because I was painting over a black case – if I’d used a white or light coloured case – I probably would only have done one. Again – depending how much of the colour you want to show through,


While you’re waiting for your gesso to dry, cut out the shape you drew on your tissue paper and go nuts with your stamps and stamp ink (best to use a permanent ink pad if you have one – or use permanent markers to ink up your stamps). Make sure you have the tissue the right way around, and the stamps too (voice of experience speaking!!)


Before applying your freshly stamped tissue paper to your phone cover, feel free to splash some colour around on the gesso. I used ink sprays to get the effects above – use three, maybe four colours (max). I blotted the the wettest parts with paper towel and left it to dry.

You then want to apply gel medium to the cover (carefully – especially if the colours you’ve used aren’t waterproof – try not to over-smear). Lay the tissue paper over the gel medium, you’ll probably need to smooth it out a bit – but again, be careful not to disturb the gel medium too much or you’ll smear anything that’s underneath it.

If you’re using a folio type cover – fold the cover almost closed so you can bend it later. If it’s a clip-on type of cover sit it on top of your gesso or gel medium jar lid, and leave the cover to dry overnight . . .

Come back tomorrow – when your paint and paper is dry and we’ll carry on with the next steps (yup – I would be that mean 😉 )

Here’s part 2

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