Change Up Your Phone Cover (Part 2)

IMG_1015Welcome back!!

So you’ve gesso’ed and coloured your phone cover, cut out and stamped your tissue paper, stuck the two together – and left it all overnight so it’s nice and dry? (Or did you cheat like I would have, and use a heat tool?) If you missed it you can find Part 1 here.


Okay – so now it’s time for another layer or 5.


It’s at this point I bust out the stencils, cutouts from paper-punches, paint and texture paste. You can see the colour from the cover is quite visible through the tissue paper – but not the finer detail of the sprays.  I’ve used white paint for the highlights I’ve stencilled on above. You can also use texture paste or impasto medium to make it a bit more tactile, but I would recommend only doing that on the parts of the cover that aren’t going to have to bend!


I also used some teal to add further stencilled highlights as you can see above. For additional texture I used the Liquid Pearls in different spots – for example the four points of the compass that you see on the bottom right corner. In the photo at the top of the page I’ve also used butterfly, dragonfly, heart and flower cut-outs of various sizes that I’d made using paper punches and coloured card-stock scraps. Stick these bits on with a bit more gel medium.

IMG_1014Once you are happy with the amount of colours, marks, lumps, bumps and shiny things that you have stuck on your phone cover, and you’ve waited through yet another drying period, it’s time for a final coat or several! I’ve used Mod-Podge Hard Coat as pictured above – I like it because it tends to be a bit flexible and stands up to wear and tear better than some other mediums. Give it a thorough going over with the Mod-Podge (or your medium of choice) and allow it to dry. If you have bendy bits on your phone cover, I suggest drying it as folded up as possible – that way it won’t crack at the stress points the first time you close it. Follow up with at least one more coat, allowing to dry thoroughly between each coat.


Now I have to admit that I have not found the perfect medium to use to keep your phone cover fabulous and flexible forever – the surface does tend to crack a bit and requires a bit of regular maintenance. When the cracks start to show, smear a finger-ful of whatever you use to seal/varnish your phone cover to fill and cover over the cracks then allow to dry.

Enjoy your awesome, one-of-a-kind phone cover!


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