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Oh dear, I’m in so much trouble. Once a year the Craft and Quilt Fair comes to Western Australia. And today was day 2 of the five-day affair. I set myself a budget, read all of the literature, worked out which classes I needed to get there for – I had a plan!!¬†

Oh who am I kidding! I have come home with so much loot it’s just not funny. And I have been inspired on so many different fronts, that I just can’t decide what to do first – so I thought I’d just sit down and blog about it.

First stop, just inside the doors was Powertex. I really wasn’t planning to stop here, I love Powertex products, but they’re just down the road from where I live and I’ve had a play a time or two before – see¬†below!


But of course – I couldn’t resist just poking my nose in to see if there was anything I hadn’t seen yet. So you can see that my plan was doomed from the start! After catching up with the girls at Powertex, I made some new friends . . .

Reena¬†is a fabulously talented artist – whose mediums are primarily fibre and clay. And the way she mixes the two is just amazing. You may remember my brief flirtation with needle felting back here, well this lady does the most incredibly realistic recreations of animals, an example of which you can see in her blog post For the love of Koffee.¬†Not only does she do animals that make you double-take because they’re so realistic, she “paints” with her needle felting too! If you stumble across her on Facebook, have a hunt through her photos for the picture she did of Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters. When you see the “in progress” photos of the eyes – well, I’m not going to tell you, you’ll just have to go and look for yourself.

You should also¬†check out another¬†of Reena’s posts,¬†this one¬†is¬†about a fabulous clay product she (and by extension – me too) has discovered. It’s an air dry product that is so light and flexible when it dries, that it would be great to use on mixed media projects as it would add very little weight to a canvas, and it works brilliantly well with silicone moulds (like the kind you can get for cake decorating!)

Another of my super-exciting discoveries, was a product called embossing paste. The girls at¬†Zyneri¬†showed me how to smear it into a silicone mat¬†(thank goodness for the cake decorating industry!) ¬†It then air dries and comes out like¬†a kind of rubberised, very finely detailed, paintable/sprayable bit of texturey fabulousness! With the larger silicone mats pushing upwards of $50.00 a piece, I put my thinking cap on and came up with another idea to make my own mould mats, which will be the subject for another post (whether it works or if it’s an epic fail)!

Another couple of stall-holders I was stoked to meet were a couple of yarn sellers, which we’re desperately short of in Western Australia!

Bilby Yarns are fibre producers and sell the most beautiful natural fibres for spinning, felting and needle felting, and yarns for weaving, crochet or knitting with luxurious blends like silk & wool, alpaca & wool РI could go on for days! And I might just have brought home a Drop Spindle Spinning Kit to play with .  .  .

Yarns for All¬†import all of those lovely yarn brands you see in the overseas magazines but just can’t get, here in faraWAy without massive shipping charges. An online only store, they have some stunning looking yarns that I only just¬†managed to resist, as well as the brands whose names¬†you know so well if you’re a Ravelry¬†nerd like I am!

I’ve only scratched the surface¬†(did you guess that I might just be going back for another look tomorrow?). If you’re in Perth, and you have a day¬†hour or two to spare – you really should hit the Convention Centre (great parking and public transport access) and check it out for yourself! Who knows – I might just see you there ūüôā

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