Sweet Dreams . . .


I’ve been playing with mixed media again. I always get really inspired after attending a craft show – so of course I want to put/use all of my new toys in one hit! So just for a change I remembered to take photos almost all the way through the process! If you’d like to see how/what I did – read on . . .

The inspiration for this came from my new toys; Claytastic and a feather fondant mould, discovered at our recent annual “CHA Style” craft show.

The Claytastic is a fabulous air dry clay that is as light as a feather (pardon the pun) when “wet” and dries to a flexible, light and slightly squishy consistency once cured. It’s perfect for smushing into moulds, allowing to dry, and pulling back out again in 24 hours.

fullsizeoutput_de1   fullsizeoutput_de6


So to make my gorgeous feathers, I squished together three colours of Claytastic – careful not to blend them completely together. Then I smushed them into the fondant mould.(Sorry for the “technical terms” – I’m suffering from vocabulary depletion just at the moment)


The advantage of using the silicon fondant moulds is in their flexibility. Once the clay has  dried, you can just fold the silicon outwards and pop the feathers right out, and if the clay is still a little sticky in the middle – you don’t end up trashing the feathers in the process. (And you can pick them up really cheaply on Ebay – the moulds, that is)

So after making really cool feathers, what else would I make but a dreamcatcher! There has been a home make-over competition running on small screens in Australia just recently – and artwork featuring dreamcatchers have featured in a couple of episodes, so they’re a bit top-of-mind just now. After a bit of Googling, I came across this tutorial on how to put one together and decided have a go at a mini version (which eventually turned into this).


Deciding I was capable of a larger version – I started off with this: IMG_1425  and the end result was:  IMG_1428

Sorry – no pictures taken in between – slack, I know, but there you go. This would have been an extraordinarily long post if I’d managed to capture the steps in between those two photos.

So while all this was happening, I was playing with some background ideas – the background was always going to be a canvas board:


Which I then scraped some watercolour paint pigment onto, and blew it around the canvas to scatter it.

IMG_1411   IMG_1412

Gave it a bit of a spray with water:

IMG_1413   IMG_1414

Added a bit more pigment, and a bit more water:


Then for some sparkle:

IMG_1416   IMG_1417  IMG_1418

I had some leftover mica type powder that I’d been wanting to use up for ages, so sprinkled it onto the canvas and sprayed yet more water.

IMG_1420  IMG_1426  IMG_1427

I then added some Dylusions Spray Ink and stood it up to dry – so that any remaining liquid ran down the canvas – just because I like that effect! Once it was dry I hit it with a fixative spray. Twice. Because none of the pigments and powders I had used were particularly permanent, and were threatening to just rub off.

And I’m going to leave this to dry overnight – and finish this off with a part-two tomorrow (or I’ll never get this post published)

To be continued here . . .


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