Variations with variegations

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I am fascinated with colourful things! Give me bright, bold colours any day of the week and I’m just in love. When my local Spotlight store started to stock an amazing yarn called “Bouvardia” – I went a little nuts and bought up large (yes, that’s my initial purchase in the picture – sadly, not my last!). (She who dies with the biggest stash wins, right???)

While I love colour – there is nothing worse in my crafting life, than changing yarn colour mid-project! I hate all that faffing around with tying in a new colour, weaving in ends, etc etc etc. So discovering variegated yarns was like hearing about sliced bread for the first time. Changing colours without the hassle – Oh Yeah!

And this Bouvardia range of yarns comes in some of the most amazing colour mixes – Fluoresence (that I don’t appear to have captured in the photo above) goes from a neon/acid/lime green to a brilliant dark purple with a few other variants in between. Some of the colours are loud and proud like the afore-mentioned. Others are subtle – almost neutral like Embers, which flows from lightest grey (almost white) through a light brown range to a wine/faded red sort of colour – Embers was a later addition to the range which didn’t make the photo either.

Annoyingly – Spotlight seem to keep finding new additions to this range – the latest that I’ve discovered is Ocean Blues – which I’ve had in my stash now for a few months, but have finally made use of a ball or two!

IMG_1521      IMG_1522

These are fairly generous skeins – I’m not sure what kind of rating they’d get as far as yarn weight and ply is concerned, but the 100g (3.5oz) stretches out to approximately 180m (197 yards). I made a cowl using a “single skein” pattern from the amazing Tamara Kelly over at, doubled the width of it and still had some of the skein left over! (And if you’re going to check out this pattern linked below – check out this handy hint to help you along the way.)

So just what have I been doing with this lovely stuff? Here’s the cowl I made using this pattern from moogly that I mentioned earlier:

fullsizeoutput_dfc   IMG_1519


And here are a couple of beanies I have made using this pattern from the lovely Lauren over at Daisy Cottage Designs. I adapted her pattern a bit to create the beanie that didn’t have the hole for the messy bun.

fullsizeoutput_df7         fullsizeoutput_df8

fullsizeoutput_df4                 fullsizeoutput_df5

Here’s another couple of previous makes in this yummy, scrummy yarn. Believe it or not, both the infinity scarf and the beanie pictured below are both made from the “Sunspot” colour – this stuff is just amazing, and a fantastic way to brighten up your winter if you’re in the chilly Southern Hemisphere as I am.



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