Life lessons, and the crochet that kept me ticking along . . .

Well these last couple of months have been an experience. Since my last post, I have discovered that not taking care of your teeth and gums can lead to a cerebral abscess. Yup – cerebral – as in brain. When I got the first phone call from the Doctor, it was either a tumour or an abscess, luckily my DH has a little bit of a flair for the unusual – so the tumour possibility never really entered my mind. So two months and as many brain surgeries later – we seem to have things back under control – now to just get him off the IV antibiotics and back to work . . .

Now as mentioned in my last post, I was a bit excited about my first ever Caron Cake purchase and what I had planned to do with it – you want to see how that went don’t you? Here’s the progress, mostly made during and following brain surgery number 1 . . .


Well it turns out that those Caron Cakes don’t go quite as far as I’d hoped, so I got to a certain point and ran out of yarn – as did the craft shop. So on the day I discovered the craft shop was out of that yarn – I discovered yet another type of variegated yarn on sale that I really liked the look of . . .


I know – stunning right? So I bought a couple of these babies, took them home and found this gorgeous pattern for a hideaway hooded scarf in the wishlist section of my massive Evernote pattern stash. And you just know that I didn’t buy enough yarn don’t you?? I really need to upgrade my yarn estimation skills! So during and following brain surgery number 2 I got about 2/3 of the way through this . . .


Then when my online order for additional Caron Cakes and these little skeins of deliciousness finally showed up, I did the rest.

If you’re familiar with the pattern, I decided to add about 20 extra rows of the moss stitch into the middle of the pattern because I like quite a deep hood. And it would appear that I also put a few extra stitches into the foundation row when I started too, as the row I’ve just completed didn’t quite add up 😳

There’s also been a little toy made for a new baby in the family (pics to be revealed after arrival of said toy to the recipient).

So there’s a little finishing off of projects to be done in my house. And still a bit of recovery to be done too. Look after those teeth and gums everyone, won’t you?

4 thoughts on “Life lessons, and the crochet that kept me ticking along . . .

  1. Jennifer

    I tried the hooded moss stitch pattern. Totally failed. The seam started to go diagonal. I don’t know what’s fun about counting hundreds of alternating amounts of stitches row after row after row after row. There’s gotta be another way . I like how it looked online though . I’m trying to figure out how to do it flat and then connect it with a straight seam . Is there such a thing as continuous rows of moss stitch ? Thanks

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Teresa

      Hi. Thanks for reading my blog, despite my shameful lack of updating it! I have to confess that this was my one and only attempt at Moss stitch myself and it was so long ago that I don’t recall much about it! However I have gone over to One Dog Woof’s original post ( and asked your question over there in the hope that she may be able to help you out?


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