Does this happen to you?


I am fairly well addicted to coffee – and I love a skinny latté if I’m out somewhere, but I’ll always have to get it in a takeaway cup because it takes me so long to drink it. (In my defence – I will get it in a reusable travel cup if there’s one available). But I really miss the handle (whatever happened to those dodgy little paper handles they used to put on disposable cups in the good old days?) . . .

So I came up with this . . . a removable cup cozy with a handle! I find it is really useful in a number of ways.

  • Because I have a bit of nerve damage here and there – I often find that my coffee cup is too hot for me to hold onto for long. (And holding it around the lid isn’t really an option, it doesn’t really take much effort to crack or loosen those lids and then your coffee’s on the floor 😢) My cup cozy comes in handy here because I don’t have to feel like my fingertips are being burned through various skin layers.
  • Just FYI – it’s also great for those freezing cold frappés and smoothies for the same reason. (Pins and needles make no distinction between hot and cold – they both just hurt 😰) And they’ll catch the sweat off your cold cup too! No more puddles in your cup holder.
  • And on those days when your coffee is just too heavy to hold with your fingers – that’s where the handle comes into it’s own. Whether you’re a handle holder or mug hugger, the handle is tough enough to work both ways.

So has my shameless plug for my own product sold you yet? I have them for sale here in my Etsy Store. What do you think – should I hit up the Sharks for some mass-production funds?

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