Confessions of an “all but” hoarder 😯

Hi, my name is Teresa, and I am only a few steps away from being a hoarder.  Well, in the case of craft supplies at any rate. I was having a hunt through my craft area in search of paperclips. I have a large document to post (yes – snail mail!! Who does that?) And it really needs to be clipped into sections prior to enveloping. So – where else would you look in a house like mine, than the craft area? I know there’s clips of many other varieties in my stash, but I couldn’t for the life of me ever remember seeing paperclips. I told my DH about my dilemma, and he said – “we must have, we have everything” (See prior comment about craft area!)

Well, I searched and searched, and opened a draw to find something quite confronting:


This drawer is absolutely JAM PACKED with notebooks. Some with the first few pages scribbled on, listed in, journaled through. But the majority are virgin. (And yes, for the keen-eyed, that is a special edition Lego Moleskine on the right hand side). I confess – I am addicted to notebooks.

I have admitted it (isn’t that the first step?), and now I promise not to buy any more until these are used up/given away/repurposed etc. NOT EVEN PLANNERS!!! (I already have two for 2018 and another two that are undated – gee, I really am confessing all).

Keep an eye on my Etsy store  in case I find some pretty and creative things to do with them!

Oh, and the paperclips? The only ones I could find are these:


Surely they’re just too pretty to waste on a legal document?????



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