Reduce, Re-use, Recycle . . .

I mentioned in a previous post that I will get my take-away coffee in a reusable travel cup if there’s one available, however it didn’t take long before my DH declared the purchase of any more travel cups an offence because our household was potentially going to be taken over by said cups – the inferior of which had a tendency to topple and spill his coffee just when I almost had him sold on the whole recycling idea! But seriously – who has room in their car for the travel cups you may need to grab a cuppa if the mood takes you??

Just as an example – here’s a photo of the travel cups that survived our latest cupboard cull.


Well back in late 2016, as I was surfing kickstarter, I came across a solution to my issue.


The guys and gals at Pokito invented a fabulous travel cup that folds up! So there’s actually room in your handbag or glovebox for one or two to have a permanent home. (Or even a pocket – see graphic below).

Pokito cups

So I signed up for two of these beauties. (Just so you know, I purchased these on my own dime – Pokito did not provide these to me!)

Kickstarter is not for the instant-gratification types (see my little blurb about Kickstarter below). You have to wait through several processes and just hang on the updates until you finally get the one that says “we’re shipping”!!  My smart little fold-up cups arrived in June of this year and they are brilliant! I keep one in the car – and the other in the kitchen (usually in the dishwasher between car trips). No matter which size you have the Pokito folded to – it fits in our car cup-holders.

Now, when I started to make my cup cozies, I never thought to put them together with my Pokitos. But check this out – they go so well!!




They even work as a little carrying case! As you can see below, it fits the cup no matter which size you have it folded out to. And it wraps right around the cup when closed to keep the two together.







So – Pokito have now hit the internet with a fantastic site where you can read their story, purchase your own Pokito (don’t forget to buy it a cozy too), and find out how to care for it. You can also see how it’s doing its part to save our environment from the crazy amounts of paper and polystyrene cups that fill up landfills every year.





The way Kickstarter works – you sign up to “back” a project. If the project reaches the required amount of pledged funds, the backers get charged and the project receives the funding, and they go ahead and (in this particular case) take the product from concept to manufacture. They then send out the rewards that the backers have signed up for which is usually one or more of the product they’ve manufactured. This is a really simplistic example of how Kickstarter works – there are many other types of kickstarters, for films, books, if you can imagine it it’s probably on Kickstarter already – if not? Then sign up! You’ve probably got yourself a unique idea!                                                Back



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