My first design (and how it’s different from other tote bags)


Single use plastic bags are on their way out in our state, and our local pharmacy has a middle-sized one that is great for those in-between loads. So I thought that before it disappeared – I’d better design myself a flexi-but-sturdy crochet version.


I wanted it to have a really sturdy base and handles so I can load it up with things that shouldn’t fit, and of course – if you’re going to load up the bag and not have the handles fall off – you need to make sure that the handles are attached to something fairly solid so that they don’t just pull out. But I also didn’t want it to be bulky and stiff, the idea I’d had was to have something that could hang out in the car without taking up a whole lot of space. The way I conquered that dilemma is to double up the yarn in the base, handles, top and bottom few rows of the bag – leaving the majority of the body of the bag in single yarn to keep it light and flexible.


For the yarn, I used some acrylic yarns I had kicking around – for the doubled yarn rows I used a variegated yarn that had a bit of the base colour in it. I used a 5mm hook which copes well with both the single and doubled yarn.


I began with doubled yarn to make a solid base and bottom few rows of the sides.


Once I had a few rows done – I dropped the variegated yarn out so I was only using a single yarn. Then I just crocheted around and around until I had about 20cm of softer and more flexible fabric.

The next step was to add the second yarn back in for a few rows at the top of the bag and to start shaping handles.


Unfortunately I didn’t quite have enough of either of these yarns – so I had to swap in some alternatives 😳 It worked out okay though, as I’m working on a tutorial for this pattern and the change in colour came at quite an opportune time!

next trick is to finish and test out my tutorial. With any luck I'll have plenty of the next yarn to manage to get one of these to completion all in one colour!

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