Some things actually get finished!

It occurred to me that I have a few things that have been mentioned in a post (or two) that have since been completed that haven’t actually been sighted since they were only a work in progress. Some I like, some – not so much!

And I’ve also been hard at work trying to perfect the pattern for the tote in my last post and adding a shoulder strap version to the mix.

So here are the newer versions of the tote bag:


These three are now available for purchase on my Etsy Store. I still haven’t quite got the pattern as shiny as I’d like it, so I’m still polishing that one.

Now you may remember back a month or two ago, I posted about my remarkable restraint when faced with Caron Cakes in my local craft store? There was then a bit of an update about the fate of that particular Caron Cake. Well (fanfare please . . .) here’s the 🎉🎊 finished product 🎊🎉

I have to say that I’m rather a bit fond of the colours of this one. I was a little disappointed to discover that the Caron Cakes move from one colour to another quite abruptly – the Bouvardia that I mentioned in this post phases from one colour to the next beautifully (unless you come across one of the rather clumsy joins mid-skein), in fact I have to say all of the variegated yarn that I have used is the same (right down to the clumsy joins mid-skein)

Now I have a question for you about patterns. For those of you who scour the internet for patterns as I do – how do you use them? Do you print them out so you can cross off the bits that you’ve done as you go? Or do you stick a post-it note on the screen of your iPad to indicate the row you’re up to? I have a fabulous app called Evernote that I dump all of my patterns into – which then allows me to add a checkbox to the pattern wherever I need to in order to keep track of my progress as I go along.

So my actual question? If you could have a pattern in PDF form that had tickable check boxes (tickable on the screen) would that be of use to you? I’m fairly certain that it’s possible, and am looking into how to get it done for my patterns. Wish me luck 🍀

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