Bead, Bead, Beading . . .


Somewhere along the way in the last few months, I played with some beads. I can honestly say I don’t even remember when I squeezed these little gems in, except to say that they were quite separate and both of them took me way less time than I expected them to!

As usual – these were just little throw-away non-projects. Just little have-a-go type of things, so not many photos were taken 🙄 (must learn to take photos NO MATTER WHAT!!!).

Anyways . . . The ring is from a pattern called “Chaos Ring” by Nathalie Seyler that I have in a PDF form, and I cannot find it ANYWHERE to link to it and give this lady the credit she is due. So if anyone has heard of her and where she hangs out – please let me know and I’ll correct this immediately.

It is REAL cute!

As you can see, the ring is made up of beaded circles. The beauty of a ring like this, is that it fits whichever finger you feel like wearing it on, and it’s forgiving if it’s one of those hot sticky summer days on which everything swells! It also means it’s an easy ring to give as a gift – it’s not adjustable, it just fits a variety of sizes.

And as for the top of the ring – it’s just a mad riot of colour! Made of loops and loops and loops of coloured seed beads that just bust out all over the top of the ring, they add a bright, funky contrast to the darker ring band.


Then I created this bangle. It’s a stitch of some sort that works up really quickly, and once again I’m gutted that I didn’t keep tabs on the designer/pattern-maker for this one because:

  1. I don’t have any future reference to make this again
  2. I don’t have a link to refer you good people on to ☹️ and
  3. I can’t give a fabulous designer/pattern-maker credit for a great design.

I can’t even remember the name of the blog article, or name that the designer called the piece. I do remember that there was actually a “bead” that the designer had created by stitching a further layer of beads over the top of the “bangle”.  That was a step too far for my lack of experience, so I just left it as it was. I reckon it looks pretty awesome like this don’t you?

The advantage of having a flexible bangle like this – it goes over your wrist a lot more easily than a solid, inflexible one. This one is also a little bit stretchy too. And, of course, this one matches my chaos ring perfectly!! If you’re interested in one or both – just click the link to find them on my Etsy Store 😊


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