A bit of a halt to the creative flow . . .

But there’s a really good distraction reason . . . 🙄


NO! I’m not blaming the dog . . . (well, maybe a little – when he insists on holding my hand captive):


He just happens to be a mighty fine distraction from the real issue that’s holding back the creativity:


I seem to have a mystery injury! I ignored it for a few months after having a bit of conflicting advice over what to do with it from different medicos, but I got growled at by my doc the other day for doing that and ordered into the splint for two solid weeks! (apparently my “rest from crochet and computers” theory wasn’t quite good enough) If that doesn’t resolve it, we start investigating in earnest 😡 to make sure my MS hasn’t been chewing on another nerve and causing issues 🙄 So my new little fur baby is just the distraction I need 😇

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