Does this happen to you?


I am fairly well addicted to coffee – and I love a skinny latté if I’m out somewhere, but I’ll always have to get it in a takeaway cup because it takes me so long to drink it. (In my defence – I will get it in a reusable travel cup if there’s one available). But I really miss the handle (whatever happened to those dodgy little paper handles they used to put on disposable cups in the good old days?) . . . Read More


Quick Update

I have finally bitten the bullet so to speak, and splashed out for my own domain name. There are re-directs in place – but if you happen to want to refer my blog to anyone – please use the new address:

Thanks 🙂

What is a “Round Tuit”

To the uninitiated, a “Round Tuit” is the actualisation of those things you’re going to do when you get aRound Tuit (or when you stop procrastinating).   Read More