DIY: Water-colour Magnet Shadow Boxes

I just love water-colours – the effects you can achieve and the bright or soft hues that come from the same palette.

It just so happens that I have a set of magnetic spice jars that I’ve never managed to use that looks as though it’ll be just perfect for this little project I found on I Still Love You. I’ll let you know how I go as I go along . . .

Toilet Paper Roll Cord Organization

I’ve been hoarding toilet rolls since I came across this on Pinterest and I don’t have enough yet to start this project but I definitely have some ideas about taking it a step or two further by poking the “wall end” of the plug through a hole in the back of the box, and creating a kind of charging station.  That’s the theory anyway – although I think that the heat from charging may not mix well with the cardboard of the toilet paper rolls so it may just be a single-purpose storage facility after all.


Wallet-to-Tote On the Go

There must be others out there like me? I have so many of those re-usable grocery bags in the back of my pantry that I never remember to put in the car before I go to the supermarket. These bags zip up into wallets that would be brilliant for the glove box of the car ensuring you never get caught out on an emergency grocery shop again! And – you can make them in various sizes which I think is brilliant – I find the store bought re-usable bags are too big, meaning that you can barely lift them once they’re full.   Read More