Scented Sachets

Cute fabric squares & dried lavender flowers make just gorgeous scented sachets to fragrance your clothing drawers and keep away nasty bugs.

Martha Stewart has again inspired another addition to my round tuit – her email arriving in my inbox not long after I had attended a significant family birthday, where one of the gifts was a scented sachet that was so strong and artificial smelling that I had to hide it from my nose to avoid the headache that it was bringing on! Read More


Bubble Quilt – Puff Blanket – Biscuit Quilt

I have my cousin and her beautiful 6 month old wee boy staying with me at the moment, and one of his recent achievements is sitting up all by himself. Inevitably, with our polished ceramic tiles, that does tend to end in the occasional face-plant into the¬†cushions that are¬†strategically placed around him. Then I saw this fantastic bubble quilt over at Awaiting Ada¬†and immediately sent it to my ¬†cousin to check out. This looks like a fabulous solution to the face-plant problem, and with the addition of a bit of non-slip material on the bottom, would be a great item in the “take baby anywhere & he’ll be¬†comfortable” arsenal!

We were planning a bit of a craft day which we have, of course, run out of time for. But maybe next time she comes to stay . . .

Wallet-to-Tote On the Go

There must be others out there like me? I have so many of those re-usable grocery bags in the back of my pantry that I never remember to put in the car before I go to the supermarket. These bags zip up into wallets that would be brilliant for the glove box of the car ensuring you never get caught out on an emergency grocery shop again! And – you can make them in various sizes which I think is brilliant – I find the store bought re-usable bags are too big, meaning that you can barely lift them once they’re full. ¬† Read More