Confessions of an “all but” hoarder ūüėĮ

Hi, my name is Teresa, and I am only a few steps away from being a hoarder. ¬†Well, in the case of craft supplies at any rate. I was having a hunt through my craft area in search of paperclips. I have a large document to post (yes – snail mail!! Who does that?) And it really needs to be clipped into sections prior to enveloping. So – where else would you look in a house like mine, than the craft area? I know there’s clips of many other varieties in my stash, but I couldn’t for the life of me ever¬†remember seeing paperclips. I told my DH about my dilemma, and he said – “we must have, we have everything” (See prior comment about craft area!)

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The top of my crochet wish-list . . .

A big fan of Stevie Nicks for many years – I had a hunch when I came across it, that this gorgeous “duster” had to have been inspired by my favourite boho style icon. (And I was right!)

via Lotus Mandala Duster aka the ‚ÄúStevie‚ÄĚ | Morale Fiber


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Knit a bag???


I have been feeling so guilty about ignoring my blog – but hey, it’s a “round tuit” for a reason – I’ll add something when I get around to it . . . Bad pun, sorry about that. Read More

Faux Leather D√©coupage Frame

Leather look frame using rice paper, brown paper bags, and (of course) Mod Podge . . .

Despite all of my best intentions, I still really haven’t sunk my teeth into decoupage. This leather look decoupage technique could be applied to a variety of items, not just frames I’m sure. I’m thinking something along the lines of a whole desk set for an office, a set of coasters for the man cave, a set of placemats for the dining room table, etc.

Check out the¬†tutorial over on Amy’s Mod Podge Rocks¬†blog where¬†“Man Podger” Walter¬†breaks it down into steps for you