WA’s version of CHA


Oh dear, I’m in so much trouble. Once a year the Craft and Quilt Fair comes to Western Australia. And today was day 2 of the five-day affair. I set myself a budget, read all of the literature, worked out which classes I needed to get there for – I had a plan!!  Read More

DIY: Water-colour Magnet Shadow Boxes

I just love water-colours – the effects you can achieve and the bright or soft hues that come from the same palette.

It just so happens that I have a set of magnetic spice jars that I’ve never managed to use that looks as though it’ll be just perfect for this little project I found on I Still Love You. I’ll let you know how I go as I go along . . .

DIY Urban Outfitters Wall Art

How often have you seen stunning looking art that just costs way too much to put on your wall? I’ve had a crack at some small scale wall art, but I came across the above on Pinterest and I love it – I definitely want to try this. I especially love the stained glass foiling tape – I hope we can get hold of that here in Australia!   Read More